Best in industry 180 day labor guarantee
Best in industry 180
day labor guarantee
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Washer Repair Service

Washing Machine Repair Services

We repair and service all major brands of washing machines. Both residential and commercial models.
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Washer Repair Service, TCLM, Lower Mainland area, Canada

We fix many common washer repair issues

  • The spin cycle won’t begin or end on washer
  • Washer will not drain
  • Washer leaking
  • Washer not starting
  • Error codes and Messages on washer
  • Noise and vibrations on washer
  • Door lock issues on washer
  • Washer smells bad
  • Water pooled in washer
  • Washer shacking
  • Washer not washing
  • Washer dead

Why choose us to repair your washer?

Easy.  Our customer service is simply the best.  We offer you:

  • Same day service in most areas
  • Quality workmanship backed by a 6 month warranty.
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly staff that want to help you.
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