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The Beautiful Pitt Meadows

Whether you are looking for a new place to live or just a beautiful place to visit, Pitt Meadows might just be the perfect place for you! This scenic and close-knit community is located on the far west side of British Columbia, between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears Mountain, just east of Vancouver. The Fraser River flows from the western side of the Rocky Mountains to the Strait of Georgia, a 1,375 km journey, and is used for both industrial and recreational traffic. The Golden Ears Peak is a part of the Garibaldi Mountain Ranges, stands over 5,000’ tall, and is said to have earned its name due its resemblance to a pair of golden ears when the sun is setting. Winters in Pitt Meadows tend to be cold and overcast, but the summers are warm and a great time to visit.

Pitt Meadows History

Pitt Meadows’ first inhabitants were the Katzie members of the Coast Salish people, an indigenous group native to the region, whose history reaches back over 10,000 years. Settlers began inhabiting the area, originally known as Bonson’s Landing, in the late 1800’s after explorer James McMillan traveled the area. McMillan was tasked with commanding an expedition to this area to assess the land for navigability, settlement potential, and agricultural suitability. Pitt Meadows was officially incorporated as a District Municipality in 1914, named for Pitt River and Pitt Lake, which were in turn named for former British Prime Minister William Pitt. Pitt Lake is the only freshwater tidal lake in North America.

Pitt Meadows Agriculture

Primarily an agriculture town, Pitt Meadows is known to produce many staples including dairy, fruit, nursery stock, and greenhouse crops. The currently reported population is 19,580 residents. This area contributes to almost 20 percent of British Colombia’s blueberry production and ranks sixth in overall agricultural production among all the municipalities in British Colombia. Not always the helm of agriculture, settlers were attracted to the area, and remained here, because the Federal Free Homestead Act, passed the same year the city was incorporated, paid individuals $1 per acre to establish residence and clear and fence the land. Now almost 80% of the land in Pitt Meadows is committed to agricultural development.

Leisure Activities

Common leisure activities in the area include cycling and boating. These two sports allow participants to practice healthy habits while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds Pitt Meadows. The municipality has an extensive water dike system along the Fraser River, which provides a popular route for hikers, cyclers, and bird watchers. The river itself is a common spot for boating, canoeing, swimming, and sport fishing. There is a strong sense of community amongst the residents of Pitt Meadows. The city proudly puts on several meticulously planned events throughout the year for its people, including Easter and Christmas celebrations, Canada Day, Pitt Meadows Day, and Remembrance Day.

Pitt Meadows is a thriving community with affordable living, a moderate climate, and an abundance of nature. Businesses and families are attracted to the area, looking to enjoy many of the points of interest that Pitt Meadows has to offer and we at TCLM Appliance Repair Ltd. Pitt Meadows are here to serve.

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